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    Do you need a spark to energize, inspire and motivate you? Do you want to mobilize and sustain JOY, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY in your life? Allow us to help guide and support you to develop a solid PASSION FOUNDATION to build your life upon.

  • Quantum Leap Coaching & Consulting

    "Inspiring you to do inspired work and live inspired lives."


    Quantum Leap Coaching & Consulting is ALL about "Inspiring you to do inspired work and live inspired lives."


    Our organizational passions are to help you:


    1) Clarify and expand your dream through inspired action.

    2) Increase love, laughter, and brilliance in the world.

    3) Inspire and energize you to live and share your brilliance.

    4) Ignite your passions to create a foundation for your life and work.

    5) Foster RESILIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY of body-mind-heart.



    Randy and I wanted FREEDOM and so we left our jobs in the "educational system." Now, we work side by side and consult with you so you can find your own freedom internally as well as in the outer world. Now we get to play, work, and travel anywhere—anytime based on what is important to us. Following our passions allows us to follow our heart always and in all ways. Now it's your turn. 

  • Who We Are

    We see the inherent goodness, resilience and wholeness in each individual we work with. We know that when people are allowed to express their unique significance and gifts in the most joyful, passionate and fulfilling way, they achieve ever-expanding success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.


    When individuals act from a unique sense of purpose, fuelled by passion, we see them collaborating with others in mutually respectful and loving relationships to artfully create a world of magnificent abundance. We see them creating resilient and sustainable passion-based families, businesses and communities around the globe.

    As coaches and facilitators we believe we must live in our truth and integrity, connect from our hearts and use tools that will move you from obstacles to a new framework of abundance and success.


    We believe that to mentor others in this work, we have to live and embody the principles we teach.


    Karin Lubin Ed.D



    Trainer, Coach and Teams Consultant

    Karin Lubin passionately served as an educator, leader and consultant to schools, schools districts, community groups and educational think tanks for more than 20 years. As a K-8 teacher and principal, she helped thousands of young people discover and more fully express their brilliance, passion and creativity.


    She coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, teachers, administrators, and business leaders to be the best they can be, living and leading from a driving sense of purpose, “an inner fire” and vision.


    Karin’s research in servant leadership led her to discover the core principles that are fundamental for the creation of high-performing enlightened teams. Through coaching and speaking she helps groups recognize that enlightened and enlivened teamwork accelerates their path to greater success, contribution and purposeful fulfillment.


    Karin created Quantum Leap Coaching and Consulting with her husband, Randy, and she is the international program director and a master trainer with The Passion Test facilitator trainings for adults and children.


    Email: karin@quantumleapcoaching.org

    Cell: 209-404-8858


    Randy Crutcher Ed.D

    Trainer, Coach and Organizational Consultant

    Randy Crutcher has been an active participant in the human-potential movement for more than 40 years. As a trained therapist and research psychologist he was part of ground-breaking work developing effective group treatment for men who batter. He founded one of the nation’s first education and support centers for men’s health and well-being in 1979.


    As a college professor and program director in the 1990's he specialized in working with students in transition, helping them discover their passions and learn the skills of personal mastery and leadership.


    Today Randy is a personal and professional development coach, facilitator, and consultant to businesses and organizations. He works on The Passion Test team to train and support people and organizations in more than 50 countries to gain greater clarity, passion, purpose, productivity and life fulfillment using the Passion Test tools. His forthcoming book, The Passion Principle is a powerful guide for discovering, living and sustaining passion in life and business.


    Email: randy@quantumleapcoaching.org

    Cell: 209-923-0502


  • NEW! Dec 8-11, 2016 Virtual Passion Test Certification Course- in the comfort of your home

    This facilitator certification training has been designed to ignite your life and build your knowledge and skills in a profoundly new way.


    In these four days you'll fall in love with your life and gain a new sense of passion and direction.


    A year of on-going training is included in the enrollment fee for the four day course.

    Passion Foundation Coaching Package-

    4 sessions $600

    We're global! We love playing with conscious entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. Lets explore what lights you up TODAY. Whether you're transitioning into a different career, wanting more freedom to do what you love, or finding that relationship that blisses you out—this is your time for a quantum leap into your best life. Our sessions are through zoom/skype or in person.

    Advanced Mentoring with QLC






    $200 per month


    -Create a Strategic Attraction Plan that will bring more of the people and things you most want into your life.


    -Overcome barriers and accelerate your leap using proven and trusted tools.


    -Develop the support team you need to keep envisioning and expanding your dreams and vision.

    -Overcome barriers to accelerate your leap using a variety of tools.

    -Access us by appointments based on your needs. Call us or email whenever you want to! We will respond in 48 hours or less (unless we are unavailable due to vacations or intensive trainings).

  • Workshops and Courses

    We have a series of Foundation and Intermediate workshops that we offer as part of our coaching processes. Below is a breakdown of our Foundational and Intermediate workshops and courses.



    Foundational Workshops

    (individual, groups and organisations)

    Your Passion Foundation Coaching Package

    Four Sessions - only $600


    This is our most popular short-term launch program.

    In these powerful sessions you will:

    • Identify your unique top five passions now.

    • Create a roadmap for your most passionate life with clear markers and milestones that excite and inspire you.

    • Identify and question beliefs that hinder, limit or sabotage you.

    • Replace limiting beliefs with new positive beliefs and healthy habits.

    • Create a Passion-Aligned Action Plan that accelerates your journey toward greater success and fulfillment.

    • Hold yourself accountable to living your most passionate life.


    Jeff Kuo, San Jose, CA 2014

    Software Engineer/Startup Entrepreneur

    Thanks Randy!

    I so appreciate all the guidance and wisdom you have shared with me—as well as the laughter in our conversations. Thank you for acknowledging and also helping me acknowledge my progress over the entire year, and for reminding me again of the principles: Intention. Attention. No Tension. Looking back, it is now clear to see I have indeed manifested many great things in my life this year.



    Claim Your Passions!

    3 hour workshop, $97


    In this workshop you will get clear about your current top five passions in life, and how you can have more of what you want to do, be or have. Consider gifting this workshop to friends, family and associates. What a great way to help others to get greater clarity about what matters most in their lives, support everyone to live their passions fully, and be a part of creating a Passion-Based Community.

    Purpose, Passions and Possibilities

    5 hour workshop, $150


    You will get clear about your top five passions, how to overcome barriers, explore new possibilities and create a roadmap to success and fulfillment. We play with our colleague Linda Strauss, who starts you off with becoming "The Totally Responsible Person" and then off we go with opening to our passions, using The Passion Test process and living life more purposefully.


    Passion Test for Business-Solopreneur

    3 Two hour sessions, $997


    You will get clear about your company's unique contribution, your companies passions, and your work and service passions. Together, we will envision a company action plan to live out how you do business and what your clients expect of you, and get clarity about the clients you'll love. Overcome barriers to success and abundance in work and business.


    Intermediate Workshops

    (individual, groups and organisations)



    After you’ve completed either the three-hour Claim Your Passions or the five-hour Purpose, Passions and Possibilities workshops, you are ready to accelerate into a new world of possibilities.


    Breakthrough to Breakout for Business Professionals and Business Launchers is a small group coaching intensive that helps small business owners and those transitioning to a new phase of life to launch or relaunch their lives and endeavors on a firm foundation of passion that will feed and sustain success over a lifetime.

    Breakthrough to Breakout

    Small Group Expansive


    This is for you if you are committed to gaining clarity about your passions and living them fully in relationship, business and other life adventures. If you are ready to push the envelope in life and business, you appreciate the value of high-results coaching and consulting.



    Participants will:

    • Get one-on-one attention to get clear about life passions, work passions and readiness to launch a new endeavor.

    • Participate in a small supportive group with coaches to get clear about the unique contribution that makes you and your business stand out.

    • Create strategic attraction plans that will attract ideal customers, clients, collaborators and partners.

    • Define and remove barriers to success, develop an accountability plan that includes ongoing support for your success.


    Jan Butchofsky, Santa Fe, NM 2015

    Professional Photographer and Archivist

    Thank you Karin and Randy!I really appreciate Breakthrough to Breakout, and your conscious awareness of each of us, as participants. I felt right at home in your loving embrace. You took great care of us (fabulous food, treats and personal attention). All the principles were explained and always supported in a way that is concise and I know to be effective. Sometimes, in workshops filled with information, one leaves overwhelmed. Not in this case at all. I left spent to be sure—and rested all day Sunday, just sort of taking it all in. But by Sunday evening I was busy making my “Get To Do List” and have been able to now see the forest for the trees. I know we were after clarity, and I feel it now in my bones.


    This week I have already made some changes. Yesterday I hired a new creative collaborative partner AND I am now enjoying my healthy workouts and eating program. These are positive new behaviors. It’s just Tuesday, so, more to come!



    Passion Test Facilitator Courses

    Four-day train-the-trainer program – $2500 (or $3500 online, you save $1000!)


    If one of your passions is to serve others, you can actually change the world by helping others discover and live their passions. By becoming a certified Passion Test Facilitator you can get greater clarity about your own passions and build a rapid-income-generating “business in a box” for yourself. You can also integrate all the powerful tools and processes you’ll learn in these trainings to recharge or renew your existing work with individual clients and groups.


    Quantum Leap coaches are a part of a powerful team of trainers that supports your learning in a fun and transformative atmosphere. A four-day train-the-trainer program filled with wisdom, excitement and knowledge-building helps you enjoy a successful and fulfilling life and business.


    Become a certified Passion Test facilitator and create change in your own life and others’! Quantum Leap Coaching can offer the course at a $1000 discount for a total of $2500—but you must call us to enroll in order to receive this discount.


    Tuition at the Passion Test website

    Passion Test Facilitator Courses

  • Organization Consulting

    Contact us for a free consultation

    Ignite your Business

    Widespread dissatisfaction with work affects an individual’s health and happiness, their work and productivity, and the company or organization’s culture. On the other end of the spectrum, being or becoming passionate about what you do improves everything. Businesses are starting to realize that they have lost that personalized connection to their employees and need to re-create meaning and purpose with high value. When business owners, management, and employees re-engage with passion and energy, clients are drawn to them and will always come back for more. Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies also thrive on passion as the foundation for the highest quality delivery of any mission, vision or charge.


    The Passion Test for Business is a powerful Three Phase process that helps organizations discover their unique contribution to their customers, clients and their organization’s passions. Those passions are what make that unique contribution possible and productive. The Passion Test for Business helps identify and then align employee or associate individual work passions with the organization’s passions to increase engagement, sense of purpose, productivity, and profit. It is already making a difference in companies and organizations looking to be part of a new economy and society.

    Speaking engagements


    If you want to spark, energize, inspire, motivate and mobilize—engage us with your target audience. The buzz right now for both individuals and organizations that really want to grow and sustain themselves is passion. Without passion, people don’t have what it takes to make a difference for themselves and others, no service stands out as unique, no bottom-line grows substantially.


    Passion gets people out of bed in the morning and it’s what makes high-performing teams deliver that something special that inspires everyone to engage at a higher level.


    Topics tailored to your group and event include:

    • Got Passion? You will get energized by gaining clarity, discovering your passions, and aligning with your highest purpose.

    • The Enlightened Team- Learn a system to begin developing a dedicated and dynamic team of co-leaders. Create a "wow" experience in connection, creativity and self care that can be replicated over and over.

    • A Man’s Passion-Finding your bliss, living your mission, making it pay.

    • Connected Communication-Learn new tools to help revitalize and enhance your communication so you increase learning, respect, and trust in work and life relationships.