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    We see the inherent goodness, resilience and wholeness in each individual we work with. We know that when people are allowed to express their unique significance and gifts in the most joyful, passionate and fulfilling way, they achieve ever-expanding success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.


    When individuals act from a unique sense of purpose, fuelled by passion, we see them collaborating with others in mutually respectful and loving relationships to artfully create a world of magnificent abundance. We see them creating resilient and sustainable passion-based families, businesses and communities around the globe.

    As coaches and facilitators we believe we must live in our truth and integrity, connect from our hearts and use tools that will move you from obstacles to a new framework of abundance and success.


    We believe that to mentor others in this work, we have to live and embody the principles we teach.


    Randy and I wanted FREEDOM and so we left our jobs in the "educational system." Now, we work side by side and consult with you so you can find your own freedom internally as well as in the outer world. Now we get to play, work, and travel anywhere—anytime based on what is important to us. Following our passions allows us to follow our heart always and in all ways. Now it's your turn. 



    Karin Lubin Ed.D

    Trainer, Coach and Teams Consultant

    Karin Lubin passionately served as an educator, leader and consultant to schools, schools districts, community groups and educational think tanks for more than 20 years. As a K-8 teacher and principal, she helped thousands of young people discover and more fully express their brilliance, passion and creativity.


    She coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, teachers, administrators, and business leaders to be the best they can be, living and leading from a driving sense of purpose, “an inner fire” and vision.


    Karin’s research in servant leadership led her to discover the core principles that are fundamental for the creation of high-performing enlightened teams. Through coaching and speaking she helps groups recognize that enlightened and enlivened teamwork accelerates their path to greater success, contribution and purposeful fulfillment.


    Karin created Quantum Leap Coaching and Consulting with her husband, Randy, and she is the international program director and a master trainer with The Passion Test facilitator trainings for adults and children.


    Email: karin@quantumleapcoaching.org

    Cell: 209-404-8858


    Randy Crutcher Ed.D

    Trainer, Coach and Organizational Consultant

    Randy Crutcher has been an active participant in the human-potential movement for more than 40 years. As a trained therapist and research psychologist he was part of ground-breaking work developing effective group treatment for men who batter. He founded one of the nation’s first education and support centers for men’s health and well-being in 1979.


    As a college professor and program director in the 1990's he specialized in working with students in transition, helping them discover their passions and learn the skills of personal mastery and leadership.


    Today Randy is a personal and professional development coach, facilitator, and consultant to businesses and organizations. He works on The Passion Test team to train and support people and organizations in more than 50 countries to gain greater clarity, passion, purpose, productivity and life fulfillment using the Passion Test tools. His forthcoming book, The Passion Principle is a powerful guide for discovering, living and sustaining passion in life and business.



    Email: randy@quantumleapcoaching.org

    Cell: 209-923-0502


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