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From Manager to Coach--Shifting Our Expectations in the Workplace

based on 2017 Gallup article 

In the old paradigm, leaders and employees stick to the outdated concept of focusing on “it’s only a job.” and hoping they can hang in there until it’s time to retire. How uninspiring is that?

Today, workplace attitudes are shifting to the idea of employees being mentored and coached in their job so that they grow, connect to the company’s vision and take greater leadership—potentially becoming more skilled than the person who trained them.

This new way of working together comprises a comprehensive and inspiring strategy to empower the people you work with. It feels more entrepreneurial to the employee: working with a mentor (their “boss”) and together discovering, learning and growing as they create and produce new services and products. It also takes far more courage and desire to do this both professionally and personally.

On-going dialogues about growth, development and satisfaction take the place of annual performance reviews. It becomes part of your life journey rather than just a one-time meeting to move through.

The question than becomes, are present day leaders comfortable in mentoring others instead of directing them? What kind of training have the managers received? How will we train them so they can embody this new way of thinking, being and leading?

According to the 2017 Gallup article, Re-Engineering Performance Management, by Ben Wigert, Ph.D., and Jim Harter, Ph.D., we need to make some changes to meet these new needs.


THE PAST                               OUR FUTURE

My Paycheck My Purpose

My Satisfaction My Development

My Boss My Coach

My Annual Review My Ongoing Conversations

My Weaknesses My Strengths

My Job My Life

More people these days are looking for professional opportunities to develop their own performance and are less focused on the end result and being managed from the top down.

The Gallup article also indicates:


Opportunities to learn and grow

A good manager

High-quality management

Interest in type of work they do

Opportunities for advancement



Job clarity and priorities

Ongoing feedback and communication

Opportunities to learn and grow



This is the new paradigm of performance-based accountability and review. The relationships needed for this interaction require a higher level of awareness in order to accommodate this deeper form of communication, relationship building and strong connection habits.

We need to create authentic and respectful relationships based on three core principles.

  1. People work from their strengths and passions.
  2. Expectations are clear and they are continually coached.
  3. Accountability is provided based on engagement, team players, and leaders.

The clearer the communication with meaningful feedback, the higher the percentage of excellent performance is seen and experienced. According to Re-Engineering Performance Management, when feedback is provided on a daily level, the employees are three times more likely to stay engaged.

I think these concepts beautifully dovetail into the The Enlightened Team System. They are important elements of an enlightened and conscious leader working with an enlightened team.

Using awareness tools, clear communication, and the best methods of coaching supports the conscious/enlightened leader. That leader is





-A listener

We all need to help change the system of how we do business from the inside out.

Are you ready to embrace a new paradigm? The Enlightened Team system supports on-going performance dialogues and so much more! It is a FIT!

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