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How Engaged are you in Work and Life? 

My big passion is about creating a new kind of team system that meets the needs of the team members, the clients, the leaders and its organization; that is sustainable and super-beneficial on many levels—visible and invisible.


About 85% of workers are disengaged at work. This March 2018 article about Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report ( describes the shocking lack of employee engagement globally.  We have a lot to do!  This is a perfect time to create connections with a person’s purpose—including their passions—by tapping into what they love to do with their skills. 


By empowering employees, they become high performers on your team or in your organization. Once empowered they want to grow, learn and stay engaged with the team or organization.


The other fascinating and disturbing factor mentioned in this article is the fact that many high-performing people will leave sooner than later in 2018 when they are not recognized with connection and acknowledgement, or if they are not financially compensated.  


First, we must develop trust and build inner leadership that uniquely fits and engages people in their positions. Then we can begin to find new systems and solutions to build teams that amaze team members and their clients with its Wow-ness  It is only then that we begin to tap into the makings of a Quantum Team


Next week I will share more about what you need to move from a high-performing team to a Quantum Team, and what kind of leadership is required. Stay tuned!

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