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Is Morale Lagging or High this November?

Something to ponder and take action on....

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It’s November and the year is winding down. Where are you with your health, relationships, sales from your business or anything that’s important to you right now? Are you sinking or flying high? We’d like it to be the latter!
If you want to feel wonderful about diving in again to find what really lights you up and can get you re-energized for 2018, we highly recommend you join us December 2 for Quantum Leap’s very special seminar called Inquire, Rewire, Inspire: Neural Nirvana.
This six-hour, live online video seminar is for those who want to move in a supportive circle of like-minded people, committed to their highest good and that of all those around them.
In these six hours you’ll:

  • Connect with yourself and others from the heart.
  • Experience greater clarity and alignment with a high sense of purpose.
  • Learn new tools for expanding your sense of peace and harmony.
  • Begin to see and feel what the new year can bring to you!

And here’s a huge bonus: Following the seminar you’ll receive a Quantum Leap mentoring session to support you and help you stay accountable to living your passions in alignment with what you most want for 2018.
Please use the promo Code: Thankful

PS: We only have a few slots left for our small group. Reserve yours now!

Fee of $147 includes a follow-up session after the seminar day. Enrollment limited to eight persons, so we encourage you to enroll now to reserve your space.
Future dates:
December 2, 2017 - a few slots left

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