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It's a New Year-2018!

It’s not too late to get in the flow with your highest intentions for 2018! You can keep it fresh and exciting, and fulfill your dreams with the extra boost of a friendly supportive group of fellow travelers led by expert coaches and facilitators. Join us for interactive online activities where you'll get greater clarity about what matters most now, and how you can keep your eyes on the prize—undaunted and moving boldly forward for the rest of the year! 

  • Get more clarity about your top five things most important to you using the powerful Passion Test process.
  • Dig deeper into what drives, inspires and energizes you most right now.
  • Reclaim parts of yourself that you have neglected.
  • Learn the secret to making your best decisions to honor your most authentic self.
  • Start creating a roadmap that leads you to the treasure you’re most wanting to find!

Too many of us are wasting away doing whatever we do and not totally fulfilled. This can change if you are ready to take NEW action. 

Ready to transition and super unclear? 

People keep telling you what to do therefore,  you cannot hear your own inner muse?

Successful yet still something feels like it is missing?

Over 50 years and ready to do what you LOVE? Finally....


What are you doing that fulfills you? Let's focus on that and get greater clarity while tapping into more joy. Following the seminar you’ll receive a Quantum Leap mentoring session to support you and help you stay accountable to living your passions in alignment with what you most want for 2018.

Join us February 10, 9am-3pm US Mountain Time on an the interactive live video platform called ZOOM. We’ll help you prepare so you don’t miss a thing.

We’re so thankful that you are reading this and know that whatever you do, may it guide you to your greatest potential. 

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Fee of $150 includes a follow-up session after the seminar day.  Enrollment limited to eight persons, so we encourage you to enroll now to reserve your space. Sign up now for Neural Nirvana Parts 1 and 2 and save $75! 
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