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Prelude to the Eclipse

Revealing your values


A dark shadow moves across the country as tumultuous thoughts, beliefs, old practices and traditions are questioned and reviewed.

What are your values?

What does it mean to be a citizen of the United States of America today?

What would it look like if people really and truly felt seen and recognized in this amazing melting pot of global humanity now living side by side on this continent called North America?

We are a bold and courageous nation, what would the United States of America's own Truth and Reconciliation committee look like for us?

How would we hear and honor our native people, indigenous to this land and who had it all taken from them? Or the Africans, who were brutally forced into slavery, or the Chinese who worked so hard on the railroads or the Japanese who were held in interment camps? What about Mexicans, who are underpaid, or the Muslims and the Jews who have their beliefs, dress and actions constantly questioned. Or the Irish, the Italians, the Russians, the Germans, or ANY group that came here—there is a story of oppression as well as a desire to find hope and freedom somewhere.

How do you practice freedom of speech and allow others their freedom of speech? And how do we limit freedoms to prevent hate speech and violence?

We must consider looking at our VALUES from a global perspective now. Our old ways and beliefs may not serve us—they are not holding the brilliance and light they once did. Examining long-held beliefs seems to create confusion and separation for many right now. What possible new VISION needs to be fostered as the old paradigm crumbles around our feet?

What if we thought, acted and spoke in a way that was truly INCLUSIVE?

What if we decided compassion was more important than being right?

What if we became better stewards of the planet now?

What if we chose to believe that all people are inherently good?

What if we advocated for better use of resources for all?

How might these values support the world we want to live in?

What are your values? It's time to get clear.

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