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The New Bottom Line

· Business

Businesses used to think that only money was the bottom line.

In today’s new era of business, people are the new bottom line.


Yes, businesses still need to bring in money, but money is merely a reflection of how well your company is doing at sharing its services with the world.

How well do you communicate your message—via people, marketing, social media and websites?


From working with teams for years, I see the value of people as a treasured resource—far more important to the business than the dollars coming in.

Again and again I’ve seen that if you are open to being a conscious team player and leader, then miraculous things can occur.


After years of working with teams, I’ve distilled the requirements for building the best teams into a simple system.


The Enlightened Team System is a conscious approach employing five powerful team characteristics. When applied consistently, this method raises a team to new levels of interpersonal connection, self-care, empowerment, healing, synergy—and productivity. It can facilitate any kind of team to deliver its product or service in a way that becomes an irresistible gift to the world.


The first characteristic is integrating consciousness-based tools on a consistent basis.

This is not for the faint of heart. We all know that we walk around on some days on auto pilot. So what do we do to stay awake and aware?

Check in first to see what are the ways you stay awake. Meditation, journaling, or asking yourself questions like, Why do I feel like this? Am I satisfied with my life? What relationship needs support right now?

This means everyone on your team needs to first be willing to check in with themselves.

Are you ready to learn more?


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