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    Dates for next courses:

    May 2-5, 2019, Online Certification


    September 26-29, 2019 Passion Test Certification, Miami, Florida


    October 3-6, 2019, Mastery of Self-Love Certification




    If one of your passions is to serve others, you can actually change the world by helping others discover and live their passions. By becoming a certified Passion Test Facilitator you can get greater clarity about your own passions and build a rapid-income-generating “business in a box” for yourself. You can also integrate all the powerful tools and processes you’ll learn in this training to recharge or renew your existing work with individual clients and groups.


    Quantum Leap coaches are a part of a powerful team of trainers that supports your learning in a fun and transformative atmosphere. A four-day train-the-trainer program filled with wisdom, excitement, and knowledge-building helps you enjoy a successful and fulfilling life and business.


    Become a certified Passion Test facilitator and create change in your own life and others’! Quantum Leap Coaching can offer the course at a $1000 discount for a total of $2500—but you must call us to enroll in order to receive this discount.


    Coming to Santa Fe, New Mexico! Nov 8-11, 2018


    January 24-27, 2019 ONLINE

    Watch this video by Janet Attwood as she explains the impact of going through the Passion Test.


  • Let's explore what lights you up TODAY. Jumpstart Coaching Package

    Zoom or in person - $600 (three sessions of laser coaching)


    We are PASSIONATE about sharing this fun and enlivening process with you. Let's explore what lights you up TODAY. Whether you're transitioning into a different career, wanting more freedom to do what you love, or finding that relationship that blisses you out—this is your time for a quantum leap into your best life. This is is a great way to launch yourself into finding out if we are your perfect team to coach you.


    Geta free consultation if you are going through:

    • Transitional Shifts in Life and Work

    • Conscious Leadership and Creating Enlightened Teams

    • Energizing Your Business, Client, find your Purpose

    • Feel engaged and excited about life again

    • Want to be held accountable and take action

    • Hard times and want to learn how to easily handle the ups and downs of life

    What participants are saying...

    Randy and Karin have developed a powerful program, that makes you re-connect to what really makes you happy. I have done countless numbers of seminars and personal development trainings, and I was surprised at how many new discoveries came up. Passionate, insightful and simple! I strongly recommend the program to anyone who want to live a purposeful and passionate life.” - SY, Denmark


    Big thank you to Karin and Randy for a great experience today. It was fun, deep and great to meet new people. Here are my take aways: An awareness of new directions for my life. Great tools to add to my tool box. How to be more engaged in the creative process from a different perspective. One of my practices is going to be that I look frequently at my passions and markers and keep them in the front of my mind so my awareness keener than ever" - PB, New Mexico

    What participants are saying...

    I had the privilege to listen to others, be present, and also to be heard and recognized. The session you created was a very safe space. I also appreciated the mirroring at the end. It was personally uplifting to hear such beautiful comments directed towards me by people. To experience the Emotional Freedom Technique and follow your tapping sessions with others and reframe the words for myself was powerful. I saw improvement on the scale each time, starting at about 8 then ending at a 2. Far less triggered!


    Randy's words, "goals are constricting where as markers are inspiring," helped me to think about my goals in a more flexible way.


    Karin, your words to me that I'm "already there". That feels correct to me. Thank you for your positiveness and helping me to identify my passions.


    Overall I'm feeling very positive and energetic. I thank you for your part in this journey of mine. My family responsibilities are winding down and I'm being proactive in delegating and setting boundaries for the future. I'm excited to get on with things and deeply appreciate your help in getting me to this new place.

    Business Consultant Certification-Level 1 & 2

    $1750 for each level 1 or 2 

    After taking the foundational Passion Test Facilitator course:

    1. Consider working with Businesses and ignite passion back into their organization

    2. Profoundly change how you work with companies, solopreneurs and executive leaders.

    Next dates: May 1, 8, 22, June 5, 2019, 2-6 pm EDT Virtual live event


    Passion Discovery Workshops

    4-hour workshop, $97 per person


    Discover what most inspires and excites you now and what the future holds by:

    • Exploring what has deeply fed and fulfilled you most over your lifetime.
    • Uncovering your core Passion Elements that give you the clues to living your most passionate life, for the rest of your life.
    • Identifying and Overcoming Four Obstacles to Living Your Passions
    • Developing a Passion-Inspired Action Plan As A Roadmap To Your Dreams!
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