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    Widespread dissatisfaction with work affects an individual’s health and happiness, their work and productivity, and the company or organization’s culture. On the other end of the spectrum, being or becoming passionate about what you do improves everything. Businesses are starting to realize that they have lost that personalized connection to their employees and need to re-create meaning and purpose with high value. When business owners, management, and employees re-engage with passion and energy, clients are drawn to them and will always come back for more. Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies also thrive on passion as the foundation for the highest quality delivery of any mission, vision or charge.


    The Passion Test for Business is a powerful Three Phase process that helps organizations discover their unique contribution to their customers, clients and their organization’s passions. Those passions are what make that unique contribution possible and productive. The Passion Test for Business helps identify and then align employee or associate individual work passions with the organization’s passions to increase engagement, sense of purpose, productivity, and profit. It is already making a difference in companies and organizations looking to be part of a new economy and society.

    Speaking Engagements


    If you want to spark, energize, inspire, motivate and mobilize—engage us with your target audience. The buzz right now for both individuals and organizations that really want to grow and sustain themselves is passion. Without passion, people don’t have what it takes to make a difference for themselves and others, no service stands out as unique, no bottom-line grows substantially.


    Passion gets people out of bed in the morning and it’s what makes high-performing teams deliver that something special that inspires everyone to engage at a higher level.


    Topics tailored to your group and event include:

    • Got Passion? You will get energized by gaining clarity, discovering your passions, and aligning with your highest purpose.

    • Creating a Transformational Team- learn the Quantum Team system (the 5 characteristics) to begin developing a dedicated and dynamic team of co-leaders. Create a "wow" experience in connection, creativity, and self-care that can be replicated over and over.

    • A Man’s Passion-Finding your bliss, living your mission, making it pay.

    • Create your WOW Team- Learn five elements to create a transformational team. Revitalize and enhance your connection and increase learning, fun,  respect, and trust in work and life relationships.
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