• Business Inspiration

    Find your new tribe of passionate and alive people and come away with a new business to integrate into your company or being while new business!



    $1500 for 3 months 

    $2700 for 6 months

    Choose from either a 3 month (seasonal) or 6 month (renewal) package. Focus on:

    • Transitional Shifts in Life and Work

    • Conscious Leadership and Creating Enlightened Teams

    • Energizing Your Business, Clients and Purpose

    • Feel engaged and excited about life again

    • Fet accountable and take action

    • Learn new tools to handle the ups and downs of life

    • Receive tools to help you work with teams of people more cohesively

    Advanced Business Facilitator Certifications

    $1750 each level 1 & 2

    After taking the foundational Passion Test Facilitator course:

    1. Consider working with Businesses and ignite passion back into their organization

    2. Profoundly change how you work with companies, solopreneurs and executive leaders.

    Next dates: Oct 25, Nov 1, 15, 29, 2017, 2-6 pm EDT Virtual live event

    Want to pay it forward with our YOUTH?

    $1750 for public or $1500 for educators

    Consider the impact if our youth knew what was important to them and they were encouraged to follow their dreams. When youth are passionate about what they are doing they become centered, their academic achievement soars, and life becomes more meaningful and purpose driven for them.


    Become a Passion Test for Kids and Teens facilitator and help our youth find unlimited possibilities for their life.

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