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  • Business Inspiration

    Find your new tribe of passionate and alive people and come away with a new business to integrate into your company or being while new business!


    Key-Note on Enlightened Teams

    1.5 hour - $1500​

    Create a team that is awake, connected and striving for the greatest good for team members and their clients. Learn the Enlightened Team five elements and experience hands-on exercises that can specifically be used to build enlightened teams within your group or organizations. Leave feeling energized and excited!

    Key-Note on Transformational Teams

    3 hour - $2700

    An enlightened team explodes with beneficial outcomes—for the family, friends, organization, the clients and community—as well as always for individual team members. The Enlightened Team approach is a system using five keys to consistently create meaningful personal connections and soul-inspired purpose that is unbeatable and unstoppable.


    • Learn key tools and experience hands-on specific processes you can use for each of the five elements 
    • Learn how to integrate into your team to get greater connection, Awareness, and vision with a purpose for your team. 
    • Go deeper with questions and explore more specific strategies for clear communication and leadership within an Enlightened Team.  
    • Leave feeling hope, greater connection with team members, and a deeper understanding of how to grow as a leader in your organization. 

    Elements of a Transformational Team

    3 hour VIRTUAL or LIVE $1497


    $1500 for 3 months

    $2700 for 6 months

    Choose from either a 3 month (seasonal) or 6 month (renewal) package. Focus on:

    • Transitional Shifts in Life and Work

    • Conscious Leadership and Creating Enlightened Teams

    • Energizing Your Business, Clients and Purpose

    • Feel engaged and excited about life again

    • Fet accountable and take action

    • Learn new tools to handle the ups and downs of life

    • Receive tools to help you work with teams of people more cohesively

    Advanced Business Facilitator Certifications

    $1750 each level 1 & 2

    After taking the foundational Passion Test Facilitator course:

    1. Consider working with Businesses and ignite passion back into their organization

    2. Profoundly change how you work with companies, solopreneurs and executive leaders.

    Next dates: Oct 25, Nov 1, 15, 29, 2017, 2-6 pm EDT Virtual live event

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