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    "Inspiring Transformation—from Small Shifts to Quantum Leaps"

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    We have 3 main tracks under which we operate. Each track will allow you to explore what is important to you right away.

    We mentor people who want more out of life regarding clarity about their passions, their higher purpose, and experience their lives when they are fully passion-based and passion-sustained. You can work with us in highly motivated small groups or one on one.




    We build passionate WOW! teams aligned with organizational passions and vision. We provide a range of team-centric courses with self leadership trainings designed to build team synergy, creativity and productivity so needed to transform today's world.




    We consult with business leaders who are ready to embed passion in their business model to differentiate and maximize their success. We support businesses dedicated to having a positive impact in the lives of associates, clients, customers and communities.


    “How are you serving and growing? How are those you are serving, growing?”


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    Karin is guest hosting a podcast called Living from Happiness for Melanie Harth, Happiness in Action. KSFR 101.1 station.


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    Randy was interviewed by Pet Life Radio about his Divine Dog Card - read the interview here

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    Happiness in Action (20 June 2018)

    Happiness in Action (30 May 2018)

    Manifest Your Sacred Ambition (2 May 2018)

    Deep, true, real Happiness in Action (4 April 2018)

    Love, Passion and Happiness (14 Feb 2018)

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