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  • Inspired Solopreneur Consulting


    After you’ve completed either the three-hour Claim Your Passions or our intro workshop called Neural Nirvana —you are ready to accelerate into a new world of possibilities.


    Breakthrough to Breakout for Business Professionals and Business Launchers is a small group coaching intensive that helps small business owners and those transitioning to a new phase of life to launch or relaunch their lives and endeavors on a firm foundation of passion that will feed and sustain success over a lifetime.

  • Workshops and courses

    Creating Transformational Teams in Life and Work

    A “Transformational team” is made up of high-performing, aware, thoughtful, compassionate individuals who want to make a significant difference for those whom they serve—and for themselves.

     LEARN HOW TO APPLY FIVE POWERFUL TEAM CHARACTERISTICS to ignite vision, purpose and meaning that ripple from self to the organization and beyond. They are:

    YOU MATTER ! - Everyone feels heard and seen
    ENGAGE BRILLANCE! - Align the passions, strengths and experiences of each member for the team's collective purpose
    AWAKEN THE INNER LEADER! - Build trust & opportunities for intuition, initiation & innovation
    CELEBRATE EACH OTHER ! - Encourage appreciation
    HEAL AND TRANSFORM ! - Awareness & self-care for personal and team transformation



    Ignite Passionate Engagement at Work

    Six hours, $997


    67% of Americans are NOT engaged at work!

    What if you could inspire and fully engage your workforce to benefit your company? With the interactive and fun Ignite Passionate Engagement Workshop your employees or company can become more engaged.


    Creating a Culture of Inquiry and Passion Seminar

    3 hour VIRTUAL or LIVE training seminar - $1497


    You will be enquiring and understanding the building blocks of developing an Enlightened Team based on personal meaning, a common language, and deeper purpose for every member as well as the organization. Moving beyond managing to empowering one another as high level coaches and facilitators. Will share examples and stories.

    1. Delicious Guidelines to creating a warm and trusting culture (Creating standards, group activity)
    2. Overarching vision for team and company (individual, group activities) Claiming the team’s unique contribution to the world and defining Cultural Action Plan
    3. Vision building- a gap analysis of what you want and what is still needed. (Cultural Implementation Plan)
    4. Refining Enlightened Team Qualities and Building Community and Creating Celebration, setting group intentions and awesome appreciation

    Testimonials from working as a team with Karin Lubin:

    “Graciously attends to and has a hold on all aspects of creating an environment of flow, love and connectedness.”


    “Allows others to shine by acknowledging them publically.”


    “Clearly communicates and provides tools and trust to do great at being of service.”


    “Creating a group/team of love, fun, and connectedness.”


    Karin Lubin is an outstanding leader. Very organized, delegates efficiently, communicates clearly. Approachable, open, supportive, patient, empowering, full of joy, calm wisdom that sets the tone for a cohesive environment.”

    Passion Test for Kids & Teens

    $1750 for public or $1500 for educators


    Consider the impact if our youth knew what was important to them and they were encouraged to follow their dreams. When youth are passionate about what they are doing they become centered, their academic achievement soars, and life becomes more meaningful and purpose driven for them.


    Become a Passion Test for Kids and Teens facilitator and help our youth find unlimited possibilities for their life.

    Advanced Business Consultant Certification-Level 1 & 2

    $1750 for each level 1 & 2

    $3750 bundle for both levels

    After taking the foundational Passion Test Facilitator course:

    1. Consider working with Businesses and ignite passion back into their organization

    2. Profoundly change how you work with companies, solopreneurs and executive leaders.

    Next dates:

    1. November 7
    2. November 14
    3. November 28
    4. December 12, 2018

    14:00 - 18:00 pm EST - Online Training

    International Rockstar Master Trainer for The Passion Test program

    $15,500 - 3 months of personal 1 on 1 coaching with one of Janet’s highly experienced Master Trainers

    Right out of the gate, revving up your passion into full gear, when you sign up for Janet Attwood's magnificent Master Trainer program, you’ll receive:

    • Someone to take you through The Passion Test process along with a powerful process of self-inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie) that dissolves your limiting beliefs.

    • Guide you through portions of our Master Trainer manual so you can get a head start and immediately begin learning how to deliver the Passion Test Certification Program training course.

    • Put you into a Passion Rock Star Mastermind group with other participants of the Master Trainer Program so together you can easily practice all of the material in your Master Trainer manual.

    • Walk you through The Passion Test Customer Hub area to familiarize you with all of the incredible content at your disposal for creating your own successful campaigns and services.

    • Provide you training through Zoom video web technology to set up your very own Passion Test workshops and 1-on-1 training sessions.

    • Help get you started as soon as you sign up with our “Jumpstart program” that gets you ready to jump in and make money right away as a Master Trainer in Training using all of our abundant Passion Test resources.

  • Dates for next courses:

    Sept 28-Oct 1, 2017 - San Miguel Allende, Mexico

    Dec 7-10, 2017 - Virtual Live event from the comfort of your home


    Passion Test Facilitator Courses (4 day workshop)

    If one of your passions is to serve others, you can actually change the world by helping others discover and live their passions. By becoming a certified Passion Test Facilitator you can get greater clarity about your own passions and build a rapid-income-generating “business in a box” for yourself. You can also integrate all the powerful tools and processes you’ll learn in these trainings to recharge or renew your existing work with individual clients and groups.


    Quantum Leap coaches are a part of a powerful team of trainers that supports your learning in a fun and transformative atmosphere. A four-day train-the-trainer program filled with wisdom, excitement and knowledge-building helps you enjoy a successful and fulfilling life and business.


    Become a certified Passion Test facilitator and create change in your own life and others’! Quantum Leap Coaching can offer the course at a $1000 discount for a total of $2500—but you must call us to enroll in order to receive this discount.

    Watch this video by Janet Attwood as she explains the impact of going through the Passion Test.


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