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    Do you need a spark to energize, inspire and motivate you? Do you want to mobilize and sustain JOY, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY in your life? Allow us to help guide and support you to develop a solid PASSION FOUNDATION to build your life upon.

  • Quantum Leap Coaching & Consulting

    "Inspiring you to do inspired work and live inspired lives."

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    We have 3 main tracks under which we operate. Each track will allow you to explore what is important to you right away.

    We work with people who want to get clear on what matters most in your life and how to design a life around us, then find out more about the workshops and courses that we offer.

    We build passionate teams to operate with love and purpose. we have a range of team-centric courses designed to create the team synergy needed for working effiiciently.

    We focus on business which want to have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate. We work with businesses who have passion embedded within their business model

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